Our E-content development space boasts a robust Learning Management System. Seamlessly navigate through courses, track progress, and access resources. Our service-oriented approach ensures user-friendly interfaces and comprehensive tools, empowering learners to excel. Stay organized, engaged, and on track with our intuitive LMS, designed to elevate your journey.

learning management system integration

LMS Selection and Configuration

A thorough needs analysis conducted helps us perceive the requisite to the Learning Management System (LMS) that would be optimal for the needs of the educational institution. The selection of an LMS is done on the basis of the needs of the client that our professionals have gauged, including the budget. This is followed by the configuration which is based on the courses, the industry, and the complexity of the subject matter.

Course and Content Migration

Once the LMS has been zeroed upon, our seasoned professionals ensure that the content created is Shareable Content Object Reference Model (SCORM) compliant. This ensures the smooth and seamless functionality of the Learning Management System for educators and learners alike. This conversion is carefully applied to all instructional designs including the 2D elements, 3D elements, animations and motion graphics as well.

course and content mitigation
LMS customisation

LMS Customization

As part of our services, we pay careful attention to the needs of each organization as we understand how this changes as per the industry complexities. This is carried into the customization of the Learning Management System in a way that fits the unique needs of your learners. Language options, access to lessons for learners but also assessment and evaluation tools for educators are all customized in a way that fits like a glove.

User and Group Management

We prioritize inclusivity, by mechanizing universal access to diverse content. Each user is assigned a unique ID for personalized learning experiences across devices. Engage in dynamic discussions within expert-led groups, creating a collaborative learning environment. Your dedicated professor facilitates course navigation and encourages active participation. Seamlessly track your progress using your individual ID, making it a user friendly process.

user and group management
tracking and reporting

Tracking and Processing

Providing streamlined progress monitoring on our E-content space. Results from the database form the foundation of our tracking and processing system, offering insights into individual and group achievements. Professors possess exclusive access to oversee their own and their students' advancements. This data-centric approach fuels informed adjustments, enriching the whole journey.

Support and Maintenance

Our Learning Management System stands as a paragon of seamless operation, assuring 24x7 bug-free and glitch-free services. A service-centric ethos drives us to deliver continuous content uploads and timely updates, ensuring your learning remains fresh and engaging. Effortless integration of new student registrations through regular data updates reinforces our commitment to providing a flawless experience.

support and maintainence