Our services aim to elevate the experience of learning, multimedia integration is a steadfast way to do so. We understand the power of visual elements in promoting the retention of knowledge. Our team of multimedia specialists create captivating videos, animations, infographics, and interactive simulations using cutting-edge technologies and creative strategies that bring your content to life.

video production and editing

Video Production and Editing

Presenting educational content as videos can help engage the learner and elevate engagement and the overall learning experience. The content collated by our seasoned subject experts is converted into videos through an attentive process of scriptwriting and storyboarding. This is later tweaked to perfection in the post-production process on the basis of feedback from our professionals but also from you.

Audio Recording and Editing

E-content videos are accompanied by audio instructing and tutoring the learner about the subject being touched upon. The audio is recorded by a professional voice artist using top-notch audio recording equipment under the watchful eye of audio technicians. This is preceded by the careful crafting of a script and succeeded by post-production audio editing to correspond with the video.

audio recording and editing
animation and graphic motion

Animation and Motion Graphics

Technical subject matters and complex industries require taking things to a new level, this is where animation and motion graphics enter the scene. Our professional animators and designers are aided by our subject matter professionals in creating interactive 2D and 3D animations and motion graphics in order to ensure that composite subjects are grasped to the fullest.

Gamification Elements

Learning need not be tedious, we believe that the learning experience can always be given a boost. Through the gamification of elements, the content is upraised to meet new standards of engagement and interactivity. It breaks the monotony of learning and gives the learners the opportunity to reflect on what they have learned so far.

gamification elements
video and aution recording

Virtual Reality & Augmented Reality

Complete immersion into the learning experience can be achieved through the purposive use of virtual reality(VR) and augmented reality(AR). Our trusted professionals work to craft and convert learning content into VR and AR experiences meant to immerse the learner into the subject matter through the practicality that VR and AR have made possible. Interactive Simulations

Interactive Simulations

Learning goes hand in hand with the assessment of knowledge and the reflection and application of the same, interactive simulations can help bring this all together through our e-content solutions. Our subject matter specialists work closely to craft and create interactive learning simulations that include emulated real-life situations, practical examples and problem-solving to much more.

interactive simulations